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Pure Pop Midi
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A new radio from Pure with DAB+ and DAB radio reception. Operates from AC mains, four AA batteries or using the optional D1 ChargePak. Receivers sold in France will also receive DMB-R (where available, naturally).Amazon.DE will deliver this product to the UK.
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Hills alive with the sound of music
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Pure have produced a special edition of the Evoke D2, emblazoned with the Swiss Cross. DAB+ and DMB-R reception is supported, plus built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The receiver is mains-powered, or using an optional B2 chargePAK.
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Rob Ryan DAB+
DAB+  RNT thumbnail  Band III  bluetooth

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A new Evoke D2 from Pure, styled by designer Rob Ryan. DAB+ and DMB-R reception is supported, plus built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The receiver is mains-powered, or using an optional B2 chargePAK.
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Roberts Tropical DAB+
DAB+  Band III

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Roberts Radio has produced limited edition "Tropical" versions of its Revival radios. The battery/mains DAB/DAB+ receivers are available in Sunburst Orange, Zesty Lime, Hot Pink and Marine Teal.

Blaupunkt DAB+
DAB+  Band III  bluetooth

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DAB, DAB+ and FM car radio
Band III
CD/CD-R/CD-RW player
Bluetooth connectivity
USB socket
SDHC, SD, MMC card reader
1 DIN height
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DAB thumbnail   DAB
("original flavour")
DAB+ thumbnail   DAB+
RNT thumbnail   Radio Numérique Terrestre - DMB-Radio
DMB thumbnail   DMB TV
Not backwards compatible   Not

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This little receiver created quite a stir when it went on sale in Switzerland as the Microspot RA318. It's small, light and has quite a sensitive tuner. The signal strength meter is particularly useful as you can manually tune the receiver to a particular frequency and the meter will register any signal even when it is not quite strong enough to decode the ensemble data. This radio is usually in Wohnort's travel bag. The receiver is currently on sale in Australia under the name "mbeat" for just AUD 49.
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DAB thumbnail   Pan-European Specification
To be capable of working anywhere in Europe, a "pan-European" radio needs to be able to receive DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A in Band III and L-band.

Band III thumbnail   Band III
Lband thumbnail   L-band

DMB-TH thumbnail   DMB-TH
IBOC thumbnail   IBOC
(aka HD Radio)
ISDB thumbnail   ISDB-T

Ensemble Label
conditional access   3

Latest Updates and News   

October 1st
On the Danish national ensemble DR DAB1, the service DR MAMA has been closed. The audio stream carries a looped announcement about the service's closure.

September 29th
UK TII table updated.

September 28th
The regulator in Hong Kong, the Communications Authority, has extended the deadline by which broadcasters should have an EPG on the territory's ensemble to March 21st 2018. The original deadline was September 21st 2012, but this was extended to September 21st 2014. The deadline applies to Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited, Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited and Phoenix U Radio. In the meantime, the broadcasters have proposed that the unused capacity be used by existing audio services and ancillary visual services. A reconfiguration exercise was tentatively planned to take place in November 2014.

September 28th
The regulator in Hong Kong, the Communications Authority, has extended the deadline by which Phoenix U Radio should have launched its third audio service on the territory's ensemble to September 19th 2015. The extension is on condition that Phoenix U Radio submits a $1 million performance bond within one month to secure the roll-out of the channel by the new deadline.

September 28th
Mid & West Wales and Swansea SW Wales snapshots updated.

September 28th
On the local ensemble South Hampshire, the service Fire Radio has ceased. Snapshot updated.

September 28th
Snapshot of the new local ensemble Somerset added. Bristol and South East Wales snapshots updated.

September 21st
MuxCo, the operator of the forthcoming local ensemble for Somerset, has announced that it will launch on Friday September 26th.

September 16th
The UK regulator Ofcom has approved the addition of Asian Sound to the local ensemble Bradfrd&Huddersf. The service is also broadcast on Manchester, although the Bradford version may carry local advertisements. The expected launch date is October 1st.

September 13th
NE Wales W Chesh snapshot updated. Addition of DAB+ service.

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Update History   

September 11th
The forthcoming local ensemble Somerset is reported to have popped up on Block 10B broadcasting four test audio services.

September 11th
On the ensemble TELEKO DAB in the Czech Republik, the service GAMA RADIO has ceased.

September 7th
In Germany, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Block 5C. Rostock-Toitenwinkel extends coverage of the national ensemble DR Deutschland to the Baltic coast and includes several holiday resorts from as far as Wustrow on the Fischland-Darß peninsula in the north to Güstrow in the south.

September 6th
On Central Scotland, the service Gaydio has ceased. Snapshot updated.

September 6th
The UK regulator Ofcom has approved MuxCo's request to change the frequency of the forthcoming local ensemble for Somerset from Block 10D to Block 10B.

September 3rd
In the Czech Republic, two new services are reported to have popped up on the Block 10D ensemble in Prague. Radio Blanik and Radio City 93.7 MHz are both reported to be broadcasting in DAB+.

September 3rd
The regulator in Australia, the ACMA, has extended until June 30th 2015 the trial licences in Canberra and Darwin.

September 1st
A DAB+ service has popped up in the UK on the local ensemble NE Wales W Chesh. Fun Kids+ is running at 64 kbit/s. Folder Media has announced that tests of DAB+ should last until the end of the year. The stated aims are to gauge listener reach and reaction, gain experience of running DAB and DAB+ services alongside each other and to observe any differences in coverage, particularly in marginal areas.

August 31st
In Switzerland, the new local ensemble for Zürich has popped up on Block 9A. DIG D04 ZURICH is broadcasting 14 audio services in DAB+ at a bitrate of 80 kbit/s each.

August 31st
Bradfrd&Huddersf snapshot updated.

August 31st
In France, the first of the new ensembles for Nice has popped up on Block 7B, broadcasting nine services at 96 kbit/s.

August 12th
Snapshots added of the Paris ensembles. On RNT Paris 7, Radio Monaco and RADIO TER are running with new SIds, removing a clash with services on RNT Paris 5.

August 12th
The association of French private-sector broadcasters SIRTI reports that the Nice ensembles are expected on air at the end of August.

August 12th
In Italy, the website of the public-service multiplex operator and transmission provider in Südtirol (Alto Adige), RAS, contains details of three new transmitter sites. The intoduction into service has not yet been announced, so the new sites are presumed to be either under test, or imminent.
  • Kardaun/Cardano (East of Bozen) would serve the Autostrada A22 (near Karneid/Cornedo all'Isarco)
  • St. Pankratz/S. Pancrazio (South of Meran/Merano) to serve Ultental/Val d'Ultimo
  • St. Martin am Kofel/S. Martino di Laces (West of Meran/Merano) to serve Vinschgau/Val Venosta

August 12th
When is a launch not a launch? In France, "La radio numérique terrestre (RNT)" was launched on June 20th 2014. On July 24th, the regulator, the CSA proudly reported the launch in three important conurbations - Paris, Marseille and Nice. In the real world, however, there are still no digital radio signals in Nice, save those from neighbouring Monaco, which come romping in on Block 8A. MCR Monaco snapshot updated.

August 8th
The operator of the forthcoming local ensemble for Somerset, MuxCo, has proposed a change of frequency from the current assigned frequency Block 10D to Block 10B. Ofcom has launched a public consultation on the proposed change but is minded to approve the request, given that the change is in line with proposed revisions to the local DAB frequency plan, and that it is likely to reduce the levels of interference between local DAB multiplexes on the same frequencies and thus improve local DAB coverage overall. MuxCo proposes to launch, subject to approval, in September from Mendip, Taunton and Hutton.

August 5th
Ofcom has granted an eight-year extension for the ensemble Inverness to Bauer Digital Radio Limited. The new licence expires August 21st 2023.

August 5th
Snapshot of the Czech ensemble TELEKO DAB updated.

August 1st
In Germany, the multiplex operator Bayern Digital Radio GmbH has reduced the number of transmitters operating on Block 12D. By increasing the performance of 16 selected sites, however, coverage remains virtually constant (88% outdoor, 54% indoor).

July 31st
In Italy, the spectrum regulator is to proceed with planning for new regional areas for DAB+, including Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta. It is possible that the Ministry may release frequencies by the end of the year.

July 30th
A new service is reported to have popped up on the local ensemble Bradfrd&Huddersf. Radio Paigham is reported to be broadcasting at 64 kbit/s in Mono LSF.

July 24th
In Germany, the media regulator in Bavaria, the Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien, has awarded capacity on the Block 12D ensemble Bayern to, currently broadcast as an internet radio service. The licence will expire October 31st 2019.

July 23rd
The new local ensemble Derbyshire has been launched and is transmitting from Quarndon on Block 10B. Five audio services are being broadcast. Snapshot added.

July 22nd
In France, some SId clashes have been reported on the new ensembles in Paris. Frequence India on RNT Paris 5 and RADIO TER on RNT Paris 7 are both reported to be transmitting the SId FED7, while PIMG RADIO on RNT Paris 5 and Radio Monaco on RNT Paris 7 are both using FEE4.

July 20th
In Italy, the multiplex operators Club DAB Italia and EuroDAB have announced their collaboration in Südtirol (Alto Adige) in sharing infrastructure to streamline operations and reduce the environmental impact of their transmission systems.

July 19th
On the local ensembles Bournemouth and South Hampshire, the service Fire Hit Radio has been relabelled Fire Radio.

July 19th
The UK transmission provider Arqiva has announced the formation of a consortium including broadcasters UTV and Bauer that will apply to operate the second national commercial ensemble. The consortium has invited expressions of interest in capacity on the ensemble from other prospective service providers.

July 15th
The public-service broadcaster in Bavaria has announced that from 2018, the youth-orientated service PULS will be broadcast on the FM frequencies currently used for BR-Klassik. As a consequence, the classical music service will be available exlusively in digital form. The intention is that by 2018, the DAB+ coverage in Bavaria will match BR-Klassik's coverage on FM.

July 14th
In Italy, new transmitters have been brought into service on Block12A. Mut, Kronplatz and Plose extend coverage of EuroDAB Italia to Meran/Merano, Pustertal/val Pusteria and Brixen/Bressanone respectively.

July 14th
BBC Radio Derby has announced that it will begin broadcasting in DAB on the new local ensemble for Derbyshire on July 23rd. Transmissions will be from Quarndon initially, with Stanton Moor and Lichfield expected to be added towards the end of the year.

July 12th
Norway snapshots updated.

July 11th
In Germany, the service pure fm has popped up on the ensemble Berlin/BRBG 7B.

July 11th (update)
In Italy, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Block 12C. The new site (possibly Colle Vedetta), improves coverage of Club DAB Italia in the north of the city of Brescia, including Nave, Bovezzo, Concesio and Gussago.

July 11th
In Italy, new transmitters have been brought into service on Block12A. Lajen/Laion and Campo di Trens/Freienfeld extend coverage of EuroDAB Italia to parts of the A22 Brennerautobahn/autostrada del Brennero.

June 11th
In Italy, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Blocks 10B and 10D. Innichen/San Candido extends coverage of RAI-RASDAB 10B and RASDAB10D in the Oberpustertal/Alta Val Pusteria, Sexten/Sesto and towards the border to Osttirol (Austria).

June 11th
On the Spanish ensemble MF2, the service SRDT SOLO MUSICA has been relabelled RADIO MARIA.

July 9th
The UK digital radio industry is conducting trials of Service Following on a number of important routes. Service Following is part of the minimum specification for vehicle manufacturers and vehicle aftermarket receivers. The trial involves the ensembles London 1, London 2, Berks & N Hants, Bristol, HBB & Northants, Swindon and West Wiltshire. Various scenarios are being tested.
  • On the M1, the ensemble HBB & Northants is effectively an MFN, broadcast on Block 10D in the Herts, Beds & Bucks area and Block 10C in Northamptonshire. The two ensembles are co-timed and synchronised. According to whether the receiver is a single tuner device or dual tuner, Service Following allows seamless switching between the frequencies to take place.
  • Along the M4, the service XFM is available from four different ensembles. The programme audio is identical and on each ensemble the service has the same SId. On each ensemble under test, the EIds and frequencies of alternative ensembles carrying XFM is transmitted. A receiver can determine when the signal falls before a set threshold and use this data to retune to the same service on an alternative ensemble.
  • Along the M4, the service Heart is available from five ensembles. At certain times of the day, regional variations are broadcast. Along this route, six regional versions are available and each has its own SId. When the regional versions are broadcasting the same programme audio, a receiver can retune automatically to the best available alternative as it passes through the different coverage areas. For situations when regional variations are being broadcast, service linking information is broadcast on each ensemble so that the behaviour of the receiver and the preferred choice of the alternative signal is under the control of the broadcaster rather than taking place automatically.
  • The FM and DAB versions of BBC London sometimes broadcast different audio. Service Following can be used to guide the behaviour of a receiver when passing through the Dartford Tunnel and using either the FM or DAB signal as an alternative to the other.
  • Along the M4, the service Heart can be received on FM from various transmitters. At certain times of the day, regional variations are broadcast and during this time the FM PI codes change from the national value to regional PI codes. Service Following guides the behaviour of a receiver in switching between FM and DAB signals according to whether the national programme is being broadcast, or regional variations.
The Service Following trial is scheduled to run until December 31st 2014.

July 8th
Snapshot added of the Norwegian local ensemble covering Haugaland, including Stavanger - LOKALDAB (17).

July 7th
Changes are being made to the UK TII numbering scheme to accomodate new areas and improve flexibility. For example, the site Quarndon, previously 41/06 (hex), now has the value 20/04 (hex). Both the existing BBC National DAB transmitter at this site and the forthcoming Derbyshire local transmitter will transmit these values.

July 7th
The latest iteration of Ofcom's Technical Parameters shows Leatherhead Stoke d'Abernon in operation on Block 10C, broadcasting Surrey-NSussex.

July 7th
The latest iteration of Ofcom's Technical Parameters reveals a number of new Block 12B transmitters that have not yet been announced by the BBC - Leek, Darwen, Stocksbridge, Maesteg, Whitworth and Haslemere UHF. UK TII table updated.

July 5th
SwissMediaCast has announced that the services LandLiebe Radio and PILATUS+ will migrate from their respective regional ensembles onto the second-layer ensemble SMC_D02 in September.

July 4th
Snapshots of the new Marseille ensembles added. Three of the four licensed ensembles are known to be on air. All of the services are using DAB+, including one that is using DMB-R in Paris.

July 4th
In Germany, a low-power test transmission is taking place in Kaiserslautern. The ensemble on Block 12A is generated using the open source ODR-mmbtools, an offshoot of the crc-mmbtools, and is reported to consist of a mix of DAB and DAB+ services.

July 3rd
In Germany, the media reglator for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH) has advertised capacity on a future ensemble for the city of Hamburg. The advertisement seeks applications from prospective service providers and multiplex operator. The frequency to be used by the ensemble is not mentioned in the text. Licences awarded would be for ten years in the first instance. Closing date for applications is September 5th 2014.

July 2nd
In Switzerland, a new service has popped up on the Block 8B ensemble for Bern-Freiburg, SMC D03 BE-FR. Radio 32 is broadcasting in DAB+.

July 2nd
In Switzerland, a new service has popped up on the Block 7A ensemble for Nordschweiz, SMC D03 N-CH. Radio Basilisk is one of the country's original licensed commercial radio stations and its appearance in DAB+ means it is now available not only in the northwest around Basel, but throughout northern Switzerland.

July 1st
In Germany, the service radio B2 has reappeared on the Block 7B ensemble Berlin/BRBG 7B following an absence of about a year.

July 1st
The operator of the regional ensembles in German-speaking Switzerland, SwissMediaCast, has brought three new transmitters into operation. Sissach on Block 7A extends coverage of the ensemble for Nordschweiz, SMC D03 N-CH into canton Baselland. Olten-Dulliken allows for contiguous coverage of the Nordschweiz and the Bern-Freiburg (SMC D03 BE-FR, Block 8B) ensembles around Olten-Oftringen including the important motorway junction Wiggertal. Solothurn improves coverage of the Bern-Freiburg ensemble along the A1 towards Bern and along the A5.

July 1st
The UK regulator Ofcom has published the updates and amendments it intends to make to the Technical Code for digital radio in the light of its consultation earlier this year. DAB+ is now approved for use in the UK and up to 30% of the available capacity on the forthcoming second national commercial ensemble may be used for DAB+ services. This limit will be reviewed in 2018. Should operators of existing ensembles wish to use DAB+, any proposals will be considered by Ofcom on a case by case basis. Minimum bitrates for services are to be abolished, with Ofcom arguing that "there is no evidence to suggest dissatisfaction with the technical quality of platforms that are not subject to explicit technical quality standards requirements." Among other changes to be made, Ofcom will revise the approvals process for new transmitters. The revised Code will include requirements on DAB multiplexes that make use of traffic announcement/traffic programme (TA/TP) travel flags.

July 1st
The UK regulator Ofcom has advertised the second national commercial DAB multiplex. The ensemble will operate on Block 11A and is intended to cover the whole of the UK, plus the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, subject to international co-ordination. Block 11A is allocated (although not currently in use) for ensembles in Normandy and on the Belgian coast. This will impact upon the coverage achievable in East Anglia, in Kent and along the southern coast of the UK. There is currently no allotment for the Channel Islands. Up to 30% of the available capacity may be used for DAB+ services. Other coding standards may be used for podcasts, but not for services delivered in real time. The closing date for applications is October 30th 2014 and Ofcom expects to make a licence award in early 2015.

June 30th
In Italy, three additional DAB+ services have popped up on the Block 12B ensemble in Trentino, MUX DAB+ TAA. Rai Webradio6+, Rai Webradio7+ and Rai Webradio8+ are reported to be running at 64 kbit/s in DAB+.

June 29th (update)
Of the services to have launched in Paris, three (on different ensembles) are known to be broadcasting in DMB Radio. The others are using DAB+.

June 26th
London snapshots updated.

June 27th
The BBC has recently brought ten new transmitters into service on Block 12B, extending coverage of BBC National DAB as follows:
  • Ladder Hill extends coverage to Chapel-en-le-Frith and Whaley Bridge
  • Hazler Hill extends coverage in and around Church Stretton, including the A49
  • Machynlleth brings coverage to Machynlleth
  • Dolgellau brings coverage to the town of Dolgellau
  • Whitworth brings coverage to the Whitworth Valley and surrounding area
  • Slapton brings coverage to South Hams
  • Clyro brings coverage to Hay-on-Wye and the surrounding villages
  • Todmorden extends coverage to the town and surrounding areas
  • Nine Barrow Down extends coverage in and around Swanage, and improves coverage in Poole and Bournemouth
  • Sudbury improves coverage across Suffolk and extends coverage in the town of Sudbury

June 24th
The public-service broadcaster in Bavaria, Bayerischer Rundfunk, has announced that it has brought a new transmitter into service on Block 11D. Oberammergau extends coverage in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and improves coverage in Weilheim-Schongau. The site is considered to be under test currently, entering official public service on July 1st. At the same time, the power of the existing Block 12D transmitter has been increased.

June 24th
Gaydio has announced that it will broadcast on Central Scotland from Monday 14th July to Sunday 31st August 2014.

June 24th
In London, The Arrow - Rock has migrated from London 3 to London 2 as The Arrow. At the same time, XFM has migrated from London 2 to London 1, where it is running at 128 kbit/s. LBC News 1152 has migrated from London 1 to London 2.

June 23rd
The UK multiplex operator MuxCo has announced that it has signed transmission contracts for the Somerset, North Yorkshire and North Wales local ensembles. The company's current estimate is of an on-air date of "towards the end of the Summer" for the Somerset ensemble and "towards the end of 2014" for North Yorkshire and North Wales. Lincolnshire is scheduled to launch in 2015. MuxCo has invited expressions of interest from prospective broadcasters interested in carriage on the forthcoming multplexes.

June 21st
On London 3, the service The Arrow - Rock is announcing that a rescan will be necessary on June 24th.

June 20th
In Italy, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Block 12C. Monte Serra extends coverage of Club DAB Italia in the provinces of Lucca, Pisa and Livornia; in the Versilia and on the Tuscany coast as far as San Vincenzo.

June 20th
A new service has popped up on the Block 7B ensemble in Berlin. Babelsberg Radio is broadcasting in DAB+ at 72 kbit/s.

June 20th
In France, June 20th is the official launch day for digital radio, with six ensembles on air in Paris and four each in Marseilles and Nice.

June 19th
On the Danish local ensemble NivaaDAB, the service Humleborg,R.Nord has been relabelled Humleborg/Jazzk., following the relaunch of Radio Nord as Jazzkanalen.

June 18th
In France, the forthcoming Block 6A ensemble for Paris is reported to be testing ahead of the official launch of DAB+ on June 20th.

June 17th
The UK regulator Ofcom has published the responses to its consultation on the use of DAB+ and on its Technical Code for digital radio. Reaction to the proposal to allow DAB+ to be used on a future second national commercial multiplex (D2) is overwhelmingly positive. The BBC queries the need to limit the capacity used for DAB+ to 30% of the total, while Arqiva seeks clarification of whether this limit includes the 30% limit on data carriage or whether the DAB+ limit is in addition to the data. Global Radio argues that preference should not be given to D2 applicants proposing to carry more DAB+ services than other applicants.

June 16th
A new service has popped up on NE Wales W Chesh. Wirral Radio is broadcasting in mono at 64 kbit/s.

June 13th
In the Czech Republik, L-band transmissions have reappeared in České Budějovice. The Block LD 2kW transmissions are reported to originate from Kluk, also the site of Block 5D 1kW transmissions.

June 11th
In Denmark, a new service has popped up on the national ensemble DR DAB 2. Bornholm is a temporary service to coincide with the "Folkemødet" event and will broadcast until Saturday at 64 kbit/s in Mono.

June 6th
On London 1, the service Sunrise Radio has ceased after months of silence. Ofcom revoked the service's licence last month.

June 3rd
talkSPORT Scotland is reported to have popped up on Central Scotland, Aberdeen and Ayr.

June 3rd
A new service has popped up on London 2. talkSPORT London is broadcasting at 64 kbit/s at half-rate sampling.

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