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Mystic Diversions

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  • Richard Darbyshire

    Richard Darbyshire, whose name appeared on a couple of Mike Francis albums, A Different Air and Francesko Innamorato and their associated singles has a long and successful musical history. Once a member of Living in a Box and now a solo performer, Richard's most recent album is Love Will Provide.

    There's a Web Site devoted to his work which includes an illustrated discography.

  • Simona Pirone

    Simona Pirone has a voice familiar to all fans of Mike Francis music. She sang on the Features of Love and Dreams of a Lifetime albums and their related singles. She also co-wrote a couple of Mike Francis songs. Among her recordings, however, you'll find her credited variously as "Simona Pironi", "Simona Pirone" or "Simona Perone". (Her opinion of type-setters is not on record.)

    Simona now lives in Canada and is recording these days as Simona Peron. Her most recent album Still the Rage was released last year in Canada, Benelux and Scandinavia, but outside these markets is available through such Internet retailers as Amazon.Com. Interestingly, each market release appears to have a different cover. A couple of singles, Rain on Me and Give Me A Sign were also released.

    There is a Web Site devoted to her work.

  • I Ragazzi Italiani

    A collection of links relating to the group I Ragazzi Italiani, who have recorded Mike Francis songs.

  • Amii Stewart

    This Web Site is devoted to the work of Amii Stewart, and includes a discography.

  • ViviRoma on-line - Voce alla musica

    This Web page carries an interview in Italian with Mike Francis.

  • Musica Italiana.

    For information about other Italian artists, consult these Web Pages.

  • I Venti d'Azzurro

    Although I don't think of Mike Francis music as ItaloDisco, his songs have sometimes appeared on ItaloDisco compilations. This page of Links would be a good place to start exploring.

  • Alex Baroni

    Alex Baroni provided backing vocals in California.
    He was also successful as a solo performer, and there is a Web Site which includes a discography. He died following a motorcycle accident in April 2002.

  • Rossana Casale

    Rossana Casale sang with Mike Francis on "Let Me In".
    This duet appears on her 1989 album, "Frammenti". She has a Web Site devoted to her work, which includes a full discography.

  • Goblin

    Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo have instrumental credits on a number of Mike Francis records:

    Fabio Pignatelli:
    Acoustic Piano on "Dreams of a Lifetime" and
    Bass on "Mike Francis in Italiano" and "Let Me In".

    Agostino Marangolo:
    Cimbals on "Survivor"

    They were members of the progressive rock band "Goblin", who are planning a reunion soon.
    There is a Web Site devoted to their work, which includes a full discography.

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