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Mike Francis Biography

(to 1990)

Mike Francis, alias Francesco Puccioni, was born at 01:20 on April 26, 1961 in Florence, Italy. The choice of an English stage name comes from Mike's direct contact with American culture.

At the age of 14, he started taking guitar and piano, discovering a great talent. Identifying himself with the music played by foreign artists, he started listening regularly to all of their music. Subsequently he gave, with his American friends, small concerts in all American schools in Rome.

Right after High School, although he thought of going to university, he began writing seriously his first songs, studying contemporaneously composition and arrangement as a self-taught person.

From the time of his first album "Let's not talk about it", including the hit "Survivor", Mike carried through his activity as an author and composer with great success, other than for himself as in "Let Me In", for other artists, in this particular case for Amii Stewart in "Friends" (already on top of both Black American and English charts) and "Together", where he is again author-composer.

The year after, he came out with his second LP, "Features", which shows undoubtedly his musical evolution as well as particular artistic inspiration. Among the ten songs within the album, starting with a prelude, we suggest you listen to "Features of Love" and "You can't get out of my Heart" to better comprehend the progressive growth of his musical personality. This album includes also the hit "Together", and the remake of two old hits "I'm not in Love" by 10 CC and "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers.

The third album "Dreams of a Lifetime" shows clearly Mike's great musical evolution.

After listening to it, you can notice the accurate search of the sounds; and the arrangements as well have radically changed compared to the previous works, thanks to the contribution of a new collaborator, Davide Romani, already well-known in the music field for having signed important and famous international products, as songs from the group Change (first place in the American charts a few years back).

Chosen from the album, as first single, is "Good and Bad Times", for its involving rythm and catchy tune. This track came from the prolific musical vein of the artist Thoty, and sung together with Mike is no doubt the winning formula.

Another prominent song for its incredible atmosphere is "On and On". The particular care given to its arrangements, gives us a chance to appreciate a new sound technics and following with an excellent mixing is "Body Thrill" of only instrumental version.

In the album, among the other tunes, we find "Love Weekend", an instrumental track in which Davide Romani and Mike Francis have availed themselves of the performance of a great Italian musician, clarinetist Hengel Gualdi. Furthermore, to increase the classical and artistic value of the samer, they'e availed themselves of 21 elements of a real orchestra, arranged and directed by Renato Serio.

To the accomplishment of this record, the already faithful collaborators have participated: Agostino Marangolo, Alessandro Centofanti, Dino d'Autorio, Fabio Pignatelli, and, as in the previous album, the inseperable friend Amii Stewart.

Source: ? Dum Dum Records Press Release ca. 1989
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Mario Puccioni

There's a family connection on some of Mike Francis' records. Seven years younger than Mike, Mario Puccioni is his brother.

Mario has appeared singing Backing Vocals, and co-wrote with Mike a number of songs.

Backing Vocals

  • Mike Francis in Italiano


  • La Mente Mormora


  • I Don't Care
  • In un attimo
  • Song for Daddy
    Co-written with Amii Stewart.
    "Magic" - Amii Stewart
    RTI Music -RTI 1011-1
  • Young Lovers

Arranger or Co-Arranger

  • Baby You And Me
  • Cercavo me
  • Colori
  • Farei tutto per te
  • In un attimo
  • Qualche volta ci penso ancora
  • Quando cambia il vento
  • Una vita un amore un domani
  • Vieni via con me

Additional Credits

  • Iron It Out  (12" Single) For his cooperation
  • E' tempo...  Keyboards
  • 999  Keyboards

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