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Latest News and Updates

June 17th
In Spain, the ensembles have been relabelled as, usually but not always followed by an abbreviation for the locality served. In Murcia, the Ensemble Label in its entirety appears to be The URL takes you to a website that refers to itself as DAB Spain (sic).

June 17th
On the German regional ensemble Niederbayern, the services RADIO AWN and RADIO TRAUSNITZ have been relabelled MAXIMAL RADIO SR and MAXIMAL RADIONBY respectively.

June 17th
In Spain, a new ensemble has popped up on Block 7B.
DAB+ Cordoba is reported to have ten audio services on board.

June 15th
In the Czech Republic, the new regional allocation for Prague awarded to Czech Digital Group has popped up on Block 6B in the form of the existing ensemble of parent company České Radiokomunikace. The existing transmissions on Block 10D in Prague are expected to cease once the new network is in place. Block 7A in Prague has already ceased. The new transmissions will likely assume the identity of the new licence-holder at that point.
Snapshot added.

June 14th
An additional service has popped up on the Serbian national ensemble JP ETV.
WTF is broadcasting in DAB+ at 64 kbit/s.
The services RTS DŽUBOKS and RTS VRTEŠKA appear to have the lost the accents over their Service Labels.
The services Radio S2 and Radio S3 appear to have swapped SIds.
The standard bitrate on this ensemble has dropped from 72 to 64 kbit/s. Snapshot updated.

June 14th
Snapshot of the Czech ensemble COLOR DAB+ updated.
Addition of MUSICONLY since the previous observation.
Removal of Schlager Radio.

June 14th
Snapshot of the German local ensemble DAB+ Dresden updated.
The ensemble switched from Block 11A to 8C in May.
Addition of BOLLERWAGEN and PRIMAL.FM since the previous observation. coloRadio+Zett is now on the regional ensemble.
[This story has been updated to include the frequency change.]

June 14th
Snapshot of the German ensemble Region Dresden updated.
Several SIds have changed since the previous observation.