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Latest News and Updates

August 18th
In France, a number of broadcasters have been placed on formal notice by the regulator for failing to broadcast on multiplexes on which they had been granted capacity. The services in question are Crooner Radio (Nice Block 11C), France Maghreb 2 (Marseille Block 7A and Nice Block 11C), Fréquence Paris Plurielle (Paris Block 9A) and PIMG Radio (Paris Block 9B).

August 17th
In Belgium, three new services have popped up on the Block 11A ensemble DAB+ VLAANDEREN. Qmusic non-stop, Joe 70's and Joe 80's are broadcasting in DAB+ at 88 kbit/s apiece. The existing service Joe is now also running at 88 kbit/s. Snapshot updated.

August 17th
In Slovenia, the national ensemble on Block 10D, formerly MULTIPLEX R1, has been relabelled Slovenia DAB+ R1. Two new services have popped up. Radio Veseljak and Radio Net FM are broadcasting in DAB+ at 40 and 56 kbit/s respectively. Snapshot updated.

August 17th
On the local ensemble Bristol, Sam FM has reappeared after a prolonged absence.

August 15th
The Swiss minimux DIG F03 - GENEVE has been relabelled DIG F03 - GE.

August 15th
On the Swiss minimux DIG I02 serving Sottoceneri and Sopraceneri, the service FARO.FM has been relabelled PhareFM+ (its original label). The service Skuizz has ceased.

August 15th
Correction: On the local ensemble Sussex, the service Capital UK has ceased. A new service has popped up. Capital Brighton is broadcasting at 128 kbit/s using "original-flavour" DAB and appears to be sharing a subchannel with Juice.

August 12th
Snapshot updated of the German local ensemble Augsburg.

August 11th
In Ireland, a new ensemble has popped up in Cork on Block 11A. eirdab is licensed for a 12 month trial and currently has two "original-flavour" DAB services on board. More will be added as they receive regulatory approval.