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Latest News and Updates

October 27th
In Germany, a new transmitter has been brought into service on Block 10A. Werpeloh (4 kw) extends coverage of the Osnabrück regional ensemble NDR NDS OS in northern Emsland, including Rhede (Ems), Saterland, Werlte and Haren (Ems).

October 27th
On the Danish ensemble NivaaDAB, one of the time-sharing services Radio FLR has been replaced by HalsnæsCityRadio, which broadcasts Mondays to Thursdays with Pop Music as the PTy on Mondays and Tuesdays and Country Music on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

October 27th
In France, the regulator has published another batch of service authorisations for the forthcoming local ensembles in Chambéry and Annecy and the "étendu" ensemble for Annecy.

October 26th
Snapshot of the German ensemble Bremen K6A updated. krix.FM has been replaced by RADIO 21.

October 25th
Snapshot updated of the Italian ensemble CRDAB Piemonte. The service Cusano Campus has switched to Protection Level EEP 3-B and is running at the higher bitrate 64 kbit/s compared with the previous observation. The service ENERGY has a new SId.

October 25th
On the local ensemble Bristol, Sam Bristol has switched from Mono LSF to Mono.

October 25th
On the weekend that the UK switches from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time, the annual festive service Heart Xmas has made its appearance. Unlike previous years, when the service has broadcast on D1 National, the newcomer is currently running on various local ensembles in England. On London 1, Heart Xmas has popped up as an additional DAB+ service at 40 kbit/s. On the local ensembles Berks & N Hants, Bristol, Cambridge, Devon, Essex, Herts Beds Bucks, Kent, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Peterborough, Somerset, Swindon and West Wiltshire, Heart Xmas has replaced Capital UK. On Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire it has replaced Heart East Mids. On Hereford-Worcs, Heart Xmas has replaced Heart UK. On Humberside, Leeds, North Yorkshire and Sheffield, Heart Xmas has replaced Smooth UK. On Lincolnshire, it has replaced Heart Lincs.
The following snapshots have been updated:-
Herts Beds Bucks, Humberside, Kent, Leeds, Leicestershire, London 1, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Sheffield
[This story is being updated as further ensembles are reported]