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Latest News and Updates

April 20th
On the Netherlands regional ensemble 6B Oost-Noord NL, SIMONE FM is running at the higher bitrate of 80 kbit/s. The bitrate of SIMONE OLDIES has dropped to 48 kbit/s. Snapshot updated.

April 19th
Snapshot of the Block 12D Rome ensemble, now labelled DAB Vaticano, updated. Since the previous snapshot was taken, the DMB and "original-flavour" DAB services have ceased. Vatican Radio now uses only DAB+.

April 17th
A new DAB+ service has popped up on Trial Portsmouth. 100% Whatever is running at 48 kbit/s. The existing DAB+ service Mango Vibe + has switched to the higher bitrate 48 kbit/s. Snapshot updated.

April 15th
South East Wales and Trial Brighton snapshots updated.

April 14th
On the local ensemble, Surrey-NSussex, the service eagle3 has been relabelled Eagle 80s.