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Latest News and Updates

October 20th
On the Belgian ensemble DAB+ VLAANDEREN, the services RADIO FG and Zen Test have ceased, along with their secondary components that carried the Slideshow data. Snapshot updated.

October 18th
On the German ensemble NDR NDS, NDR TPEG has been relabelled ARD TPEG.

October 17th
In Belgium, the switch by public-service broadcaster VRT to DAB+ from "original-flavour" DAB has taken place. Radio 2 now appears in each of the five regional variations for, respectively, Antwerpen, Limburg, Oost Vlaanderen, West Vlaandered and Vlaams Brabant.

October 17th
Upload Radio is reported to have popped up on the local ensemble North Yorkshire. On Gloucestershire it is reported to have ceased.

October 17th
On the Netherlands local DAB Trial BISSELS ELEKTRA, the services DANCE RADIO, JOUW MNL and LOKAAL 7FM are reported to have ceased.

October 16th
In the Netherlands, a new service has popped up on the local DAB Trial NijkerkDAB. Differentradio is reported to be broadcasting in DAB+ at 64 kbit/s.

October 16th
The UK regulator has authorised the removal of Timeless Radio from Trial Manchester. The service is expected to cease on October 31st.

October 16th
On the local ensemble Surrey-NSussex, the service MY MUSIC RADIO has been relabelled Eagle70s. Snapshot updated.

October 14th
In Belgium, the public-service broadcaster VRT has confirmed that all of its services will switch to DAB+ on October 17th. VRT explicitly states that unless you have a DAB+ radio, reception of its services will no longer be possible after that date. It recommends that listeners who believe they have DAB-only receivers perform a scan anyway, as not all DAB+ radios advertise their DAB+ capability.