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Latest News and Updates

December 12th
A new service has popped up on the Netherlands local DAB trial Almere DAB. Easy Traxx is reported to be broadcasting Christmas music.

December 12th
In the Netherlands, the local DAB trial Feel Good Radio is reported to be operating as an SFN from a second site at Zoetermeer.

December 12th
On the Spanish ensemble MF1, the service IntereconomiaDAB is reported to have ceased.

December 12th
In Germany, the public-service broadcaster NDR has brought a new transmitter into service on Block 11B. Güstrow, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, extends coverage of the ensemble NDR MV.

December 11th
In Italy, 19 FM tramsmitters have been taken out of service at six locations in Südtirol (Alto Adige):-

FM transmitters taken out of service
AntholzÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
KarthausÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
Rauth (Obereggen)Ö1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
St. GertraudÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
Wengen (Pederoa)Ö1, ORF Tirol, Ö3, Radio Rumantsch
Wiesen/PfitschÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3

During 2018, 22 FM transmitters at seven sites are planned to be decommissioned:-

FM transmitters to be taken out of service in 2018
Aberstückl SarntalÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
Graun ReschenÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3, Radio Rumantsch
Kurzras SchnalsÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
PragsÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
RatschingsÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
Ritten AfingÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3
WelschnofenÖ1, ORF Tirol, Ö3

The transmission provider and multiplex operator RAS has brought further DAB transmitters into service. Coverage by population of the autonomous province currently stands at 99.5%.

DAB transmitters brought into service
Wengen06.12.2017Wengen/La Val
Gsies25.11.2017Gsiesertal/La Val
Rabenstein25.11.2017Rabenstein und auf der Timmelsjochstraße
Rauth14.11.2017Eggen, Rauth, Birchabruck

December 10th
In Switzerland, minimuxes have been relabelled as follows:-
DIG D 04 - BASEL is now DIG D04 - BS
DIG D 04 - WTHUR is now DIG D 04 - WS
DIG D 04 - ZURICH is now DIG D 04 - ZH

December 9th
In Australia, public-service broadcaster ABC has brought an ensemble into service on Block 9C in Canberra. The ABC had previously participated in a trial ensemble that operated in the ACT on Block 10B.

December 9th
In Germany, the regulator for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein has awarded capacity on the Hamburg ensemble to Peli One Medien GmbH for a service called "PELI ONE – Urban Black Music Radio".

December 8th
North Yorkshire snapshot updated. Addition of MincePie NonStop and Upload Radio.

December 8th
Bradfrd&Huddersf snapshot updated. Addition of Pulse Xmas.

December 8th
In Belgium, a new ensemble is reported to have popped up on Block 8A in the area of Eupen. DAB DG Belgien (in which DG signifies Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft - the German-speaking community) carries the three services of Belgian German-language public-service broadcaster BRF plus two commercial stations.

December 7th
A new service has popped up on Trial Manchester. VITA Radio is currently without an audio stream in a subchannel running at 48 kbit/s. The service Vinejuice Radio has ceased.

December 6th
SoulTrain Radio has popped up on the Block 11B local ensemble Bristol, broadcasting in "original-flavour" DAB at 64 kbit/s.

December 6th
In Germany, three new services have popped up on the Baden-Württemberg ensemble, DRS BW. antenne 1, REGENBOGEN 2 and ROCK ANTENNE are reported to be broadcasting in DAB+ at 72 kbit/s each.

December 6th
In Germany, the public-service broadcaster for Baden-Württemberg, SWR, has brought a new transmitter into service on Block 8A. Grünten - actually in Bayern - broadcasts the ensemble SWR BW S, extending and improving coverage in the württembergischen Allgäu and parts of the region Bodensee-Oberschwaben. A new transmitter at Brandenkopf is scheduled for 2018 and further transmitters are being planned.

December 6th
A new service has popped up on the Swiss minimux DIG I02. OneDanceFM is broadcasting in DAB+ at 80 kbit/s. The existing service MAXXIMA has dropped to 48 kbit/s.